Plastic Surgery in Holland & Grand Rapids

At Plastic Surgery Arts of West Michigan, we understand looking your best is important, and we want to help make that happen for you. We offer a full range of plastic surgery and reconstructive procedures, laser treatments, permanent cosmetics, and skin care products as well as a number of other services to help you achieve your desired results.

Being an accomplished sculptor, as well as a skilled surgeon, gives Dr. Ryan E. Dodde II a unique perspective. He will approach your procedure with his knowledge of form, his eye for aesthetics, and his attention to detail. What makes plastic surgery an art? It lies in the fact that every patient is unique and so are their goals. Surgical skill alone is not enough to create an optimal result. It takes an artist.

Under the direction of Dr. Dodde, we provide our patients with the highest
quality of plastic surgery services in a comfortable, safe, modern office
where we value discretion, privacy and doing what’s best for you.
We won’t try to ‘sell’ a procedure. Instead, we will visit with you,
understand what your personal goals and objectives are,
then educate you about the advantages and
disadvantages of all the options to
assist you in selecting the procedure
that will help to give
you what you want.