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Cosmetic surgery of the eyelids is known as blepharoplasty and is used to improve the appearance of this area through the removal or addition of fat. When performed on the upper eyelid, incisions are made and fat and skin are removed from the eyelid area. The incision is then closed to help the skin form it’s own eyelid crease on the upper eyelid.

What to Expect

When this procedure is performed on the lower eyelid, the surgeon makes incisions on the skin either on the inside of the lower lid or on the skin that is found beneath the lower eyelashes. The incisions on the inside of the eyelid are often done to minimize the appearance of the incisions post-surgery. Once the incisions are made, fat is then added or removed. Some cosmetic surgeons also use blepharoplasty in combination with eyelid laser resurfacing, which can help remedy the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Reasons for Blepharoplasty

Patients who have upper eyelid blepharoplasty often do so in order to reduce upper eyelid drooping or sagging, which can make them look older or tired. On occasion, a drooping eyelid can restrict vision. Other patients who have upper eyelid blepharoplasty are of Asian origin and desire a removal of their eyes’ epicanthic folds. Patients who have lower eyelid blepharoplasty often do so in order to reduce lower-eye puffiness through the removal of fat or skin, or as a wrinkle removal strategy. Others have fat added in order to fill-out a hollow facial appearance.

Surgery Candidates

People who are good candidates for blepharoplasty are those who are in reasonably good health and who have realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery. Contact Dr. Ryan Dodde at Plastic Surgery Arts of West Michigan to see if eyelid surgery is right for you.