Obagi Blue Peel

Grand Rapids, Holland, Saugatuck, MI

This is a procedure where chemicals are applied to the skin in order to reduce the appearance of scars, wrinkles and damaged skin. The Obagi Peel is a type of peel that is superior to all others. It is has been clinically tested and proven to provide safe results.

The Obagi Peel helps remove the layers of damaged and aged skin. It also helps encourage the skin to create more skin cells. This helps shrink wrinkles, pores and improve overall skin tone.

Maintains Healthy Appearances

You will be able to maintain the healthy appearance of your skin long after you have undergone an Obagi Peel. Dr. Dodde will help you develop a skincare regime that will help you maintain the beautiful results of this procedure. If you have a good skincare regime, you will be able to minimize damage while keeping your skin looking beautiful and youthful. Healthy skin is also able to recover from cosmetic procedures faster.

The ideal candidate for an Obagi Peel is someone who in good physical health and has realistic expectations. Patients with brown spots, blemishes, wrinkles, creases, sun damage and acne scars are all good candidates for this skin treatment. Obagi Peels can be performed on both men and women. It can also be performed on people of all ages and skin types.