Meet Joni DeHaan, APRN-BC

Joni DeHaan is a Nurse Practitioner with a Master of Science in Nursing and an advanced practice certification from Michigan State University. She has over a decade of experience in the medical field and is also trained in administering cosmetic injectables such as Botox® and a wide assortment of various fillers.

Joni DeHaan, NP completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Registered Nurse certification at Calvin College in 2004. She then went on to further her experience in the medical field by working in ICU/Telemetry, ER and cardiovascular medicine units.

Joni has quickly proven herself to be a valuable and important fixture of Plastic Surgery Arts of West Michigan. She is adept at performing biopsies (used to test suspected sites for cancer), removing melanomas, post-surgical follow-ups, and is in the process of training to perform excisions on a regular basis.

With her assortment of skills and resourceful intellect, Joni has made a world of difference in the office helping in our mitigation of patients that seek out Dr. Dodde. By having two unparalleled talents working day-in and day-out, we are able to provide the best service to patients who need the best patient care.