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Areola Re-Pigmentation

Grand Rapids, Holland, Saugatuck, MI

Areola repigmentation is a specialty in medical tattooing that requires advanced education, experience and training. Many women undergo this procedure after they have gone through breast reconstruction surgery. This procedure can reduce the appearance of scars and give the areola a more natural-looking shape and color. Areola simulation, areola restoration, areola micropigmentation and areola tattooing are some other and more common names for this procedure.

Why Do People Get Areola Re-Pigmentation?

The areola is the circular area of skin that surrounds the nipple on the breast. Areola size, shape, and color play an important role in the aesthetic look of the breasts. A woman’s self-esteem is affected when her breasts do not look the way that she wants them to look. The tattooing process can help a woman feel complete and whole again.

What to Expect During Areola Re-Pigmentation

During the areola re-pigmentation process, the pigment color or colors will be selected that will look the most natural on the patient. The way the pigment looks when it heals will differ between patients, so your technician might perform a spot test before correcting the areola. Once the correct pigment is determined, the tattooing session can begin. The areola(s) will be recreated to look as natural as possible and to be virtually identical to each other.

After having areola re-pigmentation, you will be provided with special aftercare instructions. Taking time off work is not required, but you may want to take recovery time into consideration as the area will be sore for a few days. Once the area fully heals, you can notice the full results of your re-pigmentation. In certain cases like scar revision, a second tattooing session may be required.


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