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Brow Lift

Grand Rapids, Holland, Saugatuck, MI

Brow lifts (or forehead lifts) are a surgical option to correct many signs of aging in the upper face. Generally, the telltale signs of aging are caused by a loss of volume, which in turn leaves excess skin. This can cause things like baggy, hooded eyes and deep forehead grooves which can create a tired or angry appearance. A brow lift can effectively tighten the tissue and restore it to its youthful, smooth position.

Who is a candidate?

Most commonly performed on men and women between 40 and 60 years of age, but there is no age limit. You may be a good candidate for a forehead lift in Grand Rapids if you have:

• Sagging or low eyebrows, creating a sad or tired appearance

• Deep horizontal creases across your forehead

• Frown lines (or furrows) between your eyebrows or across the top of your nose

Many times, individuals choose to combine forehead lifts with other procedures that may enhance your forehead lift results. Eyelid surgery and facelifts are often combined with forehead lifts.

Patients should also be able to undergo and successfully heal from surgery, so be sure to discuss any health concerns with Dr. Dodde, who may be able to suggest non-invasive options.

How is a Brow Lift performed?

Brow lifts are usually performed with different types of incision techniques that can cater to your anatomy. Any incisions are carefully hidden within the hairline, and an endoscope (a long, thin camera that can be inserted through tiny incisions) can sometimes be used. The general technique of performing a brow lift is to lift the skin away from the muscles and underlying tissues in order to tighten and rearrange them. Sometimes, excess fat deposits are also removed. The incisions are then sutured, and drains are placed to collect excess fluid.

Results and Recovery

Since a brow lift is a surgical procedure, there is some downtime required. Dr. Dodde will ensure you receive specific care instructions and understand your recovery timeframe. Brow lifts can require about two weeks of downtime, depending on how extensive the procedure is. Some bruising, swelling, and pain can be expected, but this can usually be managed by prescribed medications. Although it might take two to three weeks to heal initially, the best results of your brow lift will become apparent in the following months. Brow lifts are a great way to remove a decade or two from your facial profile, but it cannot stop the process of aging. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a good skin care regimen, and effective sun protection can help you get the best out of your results.

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