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The Life-Changing Results of a Breast Reduction

Plastic Surgery Arts of West MI, Holland, MI

One problem not often talked about are the detrimental effects of problematically large breasts that some women live with. While breast augmentations are one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures being performed, breast reductions are also substantially popular and usually yield the most contentment from its patients. This is because breasts that sometimes require a reduction can be harmful to a woman’s quality of life. Here are some of the reasons that women chose to undergo a breast reduction.


Many women with disproportionately large breasts will at some point face social judgment or undeserved comments about their breasts, whether they be the butt of a joke or the target of unwanted looks. This can lead to a lifetime of self-consciousness and a negative body image about themselves and what they have to offer. A breast reduction can leave women feeling like they are normal again and don’t have to worry about how they are perceived.

Physical Health

Many women with large breasts suffer in silence when experiencing a lifetime of excess weight on the chest that can cause many debilitating health problems over time. Things like posture, breathing, and skin can be negatively affected, creating serious problems later on in life that aren’t often addressed because women might feel they are resigned to a life of problematically large breasts.


Any woman with large breasts knows that bras and other clothing to accommodate them aren’t cheap. Sometimes, the cost of the breast reduction procedure beats the cost of finding and purchasing clothing that fits them.


For women who have large breasts, an active lifestyle sometimes isn’t an option. Participating in athletic activities like running or sports can sometimes exacerbate the negative physical effects of large breasts, causing more harm than good. Some women who have athletic aspirations might pursue a breast reduction simply to improve their performance and physique.

If you feel like you would greatly benefit from a breast reduction, you can contact our office to schedule a consultation and discuss your options.

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