RealSelf Q&A with Dr. Dodde – Breast Reduction

Patient’s Question:

I am due to get a breast reduction in a short while, I am just waiting for my insurance company’s approval, which my doctor said will not be a problem due to the size of my breasts. My concern is that right now my breasts are very full and I love that part about them… Is there a way that they can be reduced to a smaller size and remain full?

Dr. Dodde’s Answer:

The breast shape/fullness should be retained after a breast reduction provided that the breasts are reduced to a size that is proportionate with the patients frame (typically around a C cup bra size). However, the breast fullness can and will change after pregnancy and/or massive weight loss. This is not due to the reduction but because of change in the volume of the breast and the inability of the skin to shrink to follow suit. In this situation, a breast lift may be indicated.