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Rosacea Treatment

Grand Rapids, Holland, Saugatuck, MI

This is a common skin disease that leaves your skin looking bright red. It begins with a tendency to blush more frequently than others. Rosacea can affect your skin by creating acne problems, swelling, bumpy texture, skin thickens, visible blood vessels, and even swelling of the eyes. The Cynosure Elite Laser treatment will help dispel the rosacea and leave your skin glowing.

How is Rosacea Treatment Done?

The laser targets the specific unwanted blood vessels in your skin. The high-concentrated light energy causes the vessels to slowly disappear with the help of your body’s natural healing process. This treatment leaves your skin looking brand-new.

What is the Recovery Process for Rosacea Treatment?

After receiving treatment, you will want to protect your skin to prevent any more flare-ups. Reducing sun exposure by wearing sunscreen and using mild skin care products are good ways to prevent any more flare-ups after the laser treatment. Consulting with Dr. Dodde about your Rosacea and concerns is the best practice for prevention.

What is the Cost of Rosacea Treatment?

As with many cosmetic procedures costs for laser treatment varies between patients due to lasers used, treatment plans, and how often the treatment is needed. By consulting with Dr. Dodde he will be able to go over the costs and payment plan with you in detail.

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