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Waxing is a great option for both males and females. Whether you want to remove hair from the face, bikini area, arms or legs, waxing can be highly beneficial. Not only does the hair removal last for weeks, but it also leaves the skin feeling smooth and looking great. Although waxing is discomfortable at first, the pain will decrease the more you get it done.

Waxing works best on full-grown hair, so if you have fine hair, this may not get rid of the hair. Waxing sensitive skin may also lead to redness and bumps. During your consultation with Dr. Dodde, he will let you know if waxing is the right option for you.

Waxing is Natural

Waxing, the natural way of hair removal, involves applying warm wax to the hair. After that, a strip is placed over the hair and warm wax. The strip is then quickly removed, which removes the hair from it’s root. This may sound painful, but fortunately, the more you wax, the less painful it gets. Waxing has a tendency to weaken the hair follicles, which makes the hair easier to remove. A professional will also apply an astringent to the skin, which will make it less painful.

Waxing is Affordable

Waxing is very affordable, even if you choose to have it professionally done. Waxing can last up to eight weeks, so it is a very effective hair removal method. The long-lasting effects of waxing and low cost are what make it a great alternative to shaving.

Dr. Dodde offers waxing services for an affordable price; call today for your consultation!

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