9 Things You Need to Ease Plastic Surgery Recovery

Recovering from plastic surgery takes time. To help make this time pass easier, there are some necessary items you need to ensure you are comfortable during your recovery.

  1. Comfortable Pajamas: A good pair of comfortable pajamas lets you relax, while wearing a clean outfit from that of the one you wore during surgery.
  2. Pillows: Pillows to keep your neck or legs in a comfortable position are a must.
    Pillows can also be used to prevent you from rolling during your sleep and causing pain.
  3. Bendy Straws: Bendable straws are great for drinking while you’re lying down, and sitting up may be too painful right after your procedure.
  4. Medication: You’ll probably get a prescription for pain medication and antibiotics. Make sure you get them filled early, so you know you have them on hand. Make sure to take all the antibiotics and follow instructions.
  5. Gel Ice Packs: Gel ice packs usually have smooth edges and don’t drip like normal ice packs. These reusable packs are gentle on your body to help numb pain.
  6. Surgical Gloves: If your surgery requires you to have drains during recovery, they’ll need to be emptied by another person. Let them wear the surgical gloves to keep everything sanitary.
  7. Antibiotic Ointment: Minor scrapes are common after surgery, especially since your body is weak, and it’s hard to get around. Apply antibiotic ointment to cuts and scrapes to prevent infection. Your body is healing, so don’t risk an infection from a minor cut.
  8. Sugary Drinks: Sugary drinks, like soda and juice may not be the healthiest option, and you don’t want to drink them all day, but they do help while you are taking medication.
  9. Bland Foods: You’ll probably want to eat bland foods like crackers, broths and smoothies after surgery. These are gentle on your stomach to prevent nausea.

For more information about plastic surgery and recovery, contact Dr. Ryan Dodde at Plastic Surgery Arts of West Michigan.