Body Contouring After Weight Loss: What Is It?

Any patient that’s undergone drastic weight loss knows how difficult a journey it can be. Unfortunately, these patients can still be left with unsatisfactory results, especially when it comes to leftover skin and fat pockets. Despite lots of hard work, it’s not always possible to get rid of excess skin through non-surgical means. That’s why many patients benefit from a set of body contouring procedures after their weight loss in order to address certain areas, further refine their new body, and leave them feeling like a whole new person. Here are some techniques that are most commonly included in body contouring procedures.


Both men and women commonly experience growth in the breasts when it comes to weight gain because of fat accumulation. Most weight loss patients benefit from a breast procedure to remove excess fat that remains, as well as reduce stretched skin and lift the breast into a higher, more upright position. If, after weight loss, the breasts have become deflated or saggy, female patients may benefit from implants to restore volume in the upper breast.

Face and Neck

One common effect of weight gain is fat that accumulates around the neck, jaw, and face. This can be difficult to get rid of through diet and exercise, meaning it can remain even when the rest of the body has slimmed down. Many patients find that this causes them to look heavier than they actually are. In some cases, excess skin can be left behind, creating jowls or a turkey wattle. A facelift or neck lift can refine these contours and remove excess skin and fat, restoring some of the natural shape and profile of the face. It can even remove submental fat through surgery or liposuction, which is notoriously difficult to get rid of.

Upper and Lower Body

Although each patient is different, there are some common areas that fat accumulates, where it can leave loose and saggy skin after weight loss. Most patients benefit from lift procedures of the arms and thighs, as well as the stomach area. A tummy tuck can be greatly beneficial to weight loss patients as well as postpartum women, as it can include surgical muscle tightening, leading to greater support in the abdomen. In many different areas of the body, liposuction can be performed to remove any remaining stubborn fat pockets.

Each patient’s experiences and goals are different, so a consultation with Dr. Dodde is the best way to begin planning your body contouring procedure after your weight loss journey. To schedule a consultation at our Holland office, contact us by calling or filling out our online form.