Dr. Doddes’ Students of the Arts Sculpture Display at Jenison High School

Come Experience Dr. Doddes’ Students Of The Arts Sculpture Display
Monday, December 2, 2013

Dr. Ryan E. Dodde, II, will be premiering his sculpture commissioned for the Jenison Public Schools newly completed Fine Arts Center, which will be titled; Students of the Arts, Monday, December 2nd at 6:30 p.m. Dr. Dodde invites you, your family, and friends, to the front entrance of Jenison Public Schools Fine Arts Center to enjoy the dedication of his sculpture.

Dr. Dodde is a Grand Rapids native, now living in Holland, Michigan, practicing medicine as a plastic surgeon. His decision to enter medicine was the direct result of his passion both for art, as well as, his fascination with science. It is his personal philosophy that a person is born an artist, however, one decides to become a physician. In the interest of applying his passion for art directly to the practice of medicine, Dr. Dodde decided to pursue plastic surgery as a career. Dr. Dodde graduated from Hope College and went on to study medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine. He was fortunate to be trained by Dr. Ian Jackson, a world acclaimed plastic surgeon. He has practiced his specialty of plastic surgery in Holland, Michigan since 2000.

Dr. Dodde describes his style of art as being “realistic.” His intention with the sculpture being dedicated was to display students’ passions for the art that they are performing. The sculptures are arranged in size so they crescendo into the entrance of the building. The sculptures were completed over approximately one years’ time and took approximately 700 hours to complete.

Dr. Dodde feels art is a metaphor for life in the world as we see it.