How an Arm Lift Can Benefit You

Many people who lose weight and achieve their goals find that they still have deposits of fat that don’t respond to their methods. Some patients notice this most in their upper arms, where fat and excess skin can create ‘wings’ that become obvious with certain clothing or in certain positions. The arm lift procedure can be highly beneficial to patients that feel self-conscious about their upper arms, and here are some of the ways it can help restore your body.

Reduce Excess Skin

One of the most frustrating aspects of weight loss is the extra skin that can be left behind. This can sag and create ‘wings’ much like excess fat can. This can also occur because of the aging process, where skin stretches and loses its elasticity over time. Fortunately, an arm lift procedure can trim away excess skin, leaving a better contour and youthful appearance. Some patients can even benefit from surgical skin tightening that removes stretch marks that are otherwise untreatable.

Reduce Fatty Deposits

Despite exercise, some patients are more prone to carrying stubborn pockets of fat that don’t respond to traditional methods. In this case, an arm lift procedure can beneficial in removing fatty deposits as well as excess skin. Sometimes, liposuction can be used for a less-invasive procedure or in order to further refine and contour the area during a brachioplasty. This can create the appearance of a much healthier, toned upper arm that complements the rest of the body profile.

Tighten Loose Tissues

One unfortunate side effect of weight gain or sagging tissues is that the underlying muscles can become weakened and loose. This can make them unresponsive to exercise or toning, making your diet and exercise regimen ineffective. Surgical tightening techniques can be achieved through suturing the muscle into a more upright, lifted position where it can more effectively function. This technique is most common in tummy tuck procedures, but the same technique can be used to restore the form and function of the upper arm muscles if they have begun to sag or loosen.

There’s a lot that can be gained with an arm lift procedure if you’re feeling like diet and exercise aren’t achieving the contours you want. The best way to see how you can benefit from a brachioplasty is through a consultation with Dr. Dodde at our Holland office. To schedule a consultation, contact us by calling or filling out our online form.