How Exercise and a Tummy Tuck go Hand-in-Hand

If you thought a tummy tuck could replace your exercise regimen, think again! The two go hand-in-hand when it comes to achieving your best abdominal. The tummy tuck can remove large amounts of excess tissue that’s sure to take some pounds off, but exercise is still an important part of your recontouring journey.

Exercise Prior to Tummy Tuck

One instance when many patients opt for the tummy tuck procedure is after weight loss efforts from diet and exercise! After losing a large amount of weight, the skin doesn’t always shrink back to where it used to be, resulting in excess skin and tissue. The tummy tuck can help reveal the results of weight loss, encouraging your healthy new lifestyle!

You should only choose to have the procedure once you are within your ideal weight range. But more importantly, you should be committed to keeping the weight off. You can help ensure sucessful tummy tuck results by establishing a regular workout routine prior to your procedure.

Exercise After Tummy Tuck

Many patients don’t realize that working out is just as, if not more important once you’ve healed from your tummy tuck. While your tummy tuck can reveal a toned and contoured abdominal, you’ll want to avoid weight gain to ensure long lasting results! A regular exercise routine along with a healthy diet can help make sure your results are long lasting. Many patients find working out much more comfortable after their procedure, without excess tissue getting in the way.

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