Nose Reshaping Fact or Fiction

Nose Job: Fact or Fiction?

You want rhinoplasty, but you still have questions and worries over the procedure. Check out these five common beliefs and find out if they are fact or fiction.

There’s a 33% Chance You’re Crazy

Fact. According to a study in Belgium, 1 in 3 people who want to get a nose job, are suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder or BDD. This condition causes you to see your body differently than it really appears. If you’re interested in getting a nose job, get a second opinion to see if you’re just crazy.

You Might End up With a Detachable Nose Like Michael Jackson

Fiction. This belief is wrong on so many levels. Michael Jackson never had a detachable nose; it was just a rumor. In addition, rhinoplasty rarely has complications. If there is a problem, you have options to revise the nose, and none of them include wearing a detachable nose.

A Nose Job Affects Your Voice

Fact. Any procedure that affects your nose or sinuses can affect the quality of your voice. This is why many singers, such as Barbara Streisand refuse to have the procedure. Although, the change is so minor that only trained ears will be able to detect it.

Nose Jobs Melt in the Sun

Fiction. This belief started because of instant nose jobs on the black market. These types of procedures are illegal and use candle wax injections to shape the nose. Of course, candle wax melts in the sun and heat. A legal nose job by a board certified surgeon uses rubberized silicon and biological tissue that does not melt in the sun.

A Nose Job Affects Your Sense of Smell

Fact. After your procedure, your sense of smell will be reduced, but the effect is usually only temporary. Your sense of smell is usually back to normal after one or two months. In some instances, permanent loss of smell is possible, but it is rare.

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