RealSelf Q&A with Dr. Dodde – Breast Reduction

Patient’s Question:

If I do chest exercises and build an underlying muscle will it lift and shrink my breasts, I am a 32D and I hate that they are so big and sag quite a bit for my age (I am 20). SO I am looking for a way to fix those problems I want smaller breasts but I also would like them to sit higher up once I get there without surgery.

Dr. Dodde’s Answer:

Although exercise is always encouraged for weight loss in general, working out any particular muscle group will not reduce the size of the breast specifically. In fact, the breast may not change significantly with weight loss at all. This is due to the fact that the breast is made of both breast gland tissue and fat. If the breast is largely made up of fat, as in some women, the breast will decrease in size with weight loss. However, if the breast is made up of mostly gland tissue, it will not. In addition, toning the chest muscle will not lift the breasts; reducing the skin envelope will. Therefore, a breast reduction will address both the excess breast tissue and excess skin; reducing the breast size and lifting the breast higher on the chest.