Reveal Brighter, More Radiant Skin with a Chemical Peel

Do you feel like your skincare regimen works for you, but you need a bit of a boost? If you are happy with your skincare regimen but find that every so often you want to accelerate your results, a chemical peel may be a great option for you.

What is a Chemical Peel?

Light, medium, and deep chemical peels are a popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure used to exfoliate the skin’s top layer to improve sun-damaged, hyper-pigmented and aging skin. A chemical peel improves the tone and texture of the skin, leaving you with a brighter and healthier appearance. Peels include applying a chemical solution to your whole face or just to certain problem areas.

Chemical Peels Offered at Plastic Surgery Arts of West Michigan


The MicroPeel in West Michigan is a simple procedure that removes the outermost layer of the skin and only takes about 30 minutes. A MicroPeel starts with gently cleansing the skin to remove any oils. Following the cleanse, a mild solution of alpha-hydroxy acid is then applied to help remove the dead skin cells by providing a chemical exfoliation. This is a great peel for those with sensitive skin.

MicroPeel Plus

Think of this peel as the MicroPeel’s big sister. This treatment is a step up from a MicroPeel, addressing deeper lines and more moderate to severe pigmentation. The MicroPeel Plus procedure encourages cell turnover with salicylic acid in the form of “microcrystals”. These “microcrystals” target the exact areas of the skin that need improvement. The MicroPeel Plus also removes all dead cells without damaging the skin.

Perfect Ten Peel

The multi-step Perfect Ten Peel is made up of a unique combination of Alpha & Beta Hydroxyl Acids

followed by Retinoic Acid. Once the skin is cleansed and sensitive areas are protected,

the chemical peel cream is applied on the face and worked downward. There is typically a noticeable tingling in the face, but this shouldn’t be painful.

Obagi Blue Peel

The Obagi Blue Peel, the most powerful one of the group, is best for aging skin or skin with a lot of hyperpigmentation. The Obagi Peel helps remove the layers of compromised and mature skin. It also accelerates cell turnover and shrinks wrinkles and pores to improve overall skin tone.

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