Dr. Dodde is highly skilled, kind, and professional… It was an all-around good experience with great results. -Ruth H.
Dr. Dodde has changed my life! I no longer hide from my mirrors. I went to several consultations before choosing Dr. Dodde and have never regretted it. If you are looking for a gifted surgeon who provides a caring, confidential environment, look no further! -J.O.
I have always been self-conscious about my profile. No longer! From the initial consultation through the follow-up appointments after surgery, Dr. Dodde provided excellent care and treatment. I can highly recommend Dr. Dodde, and I am very pleased with the results.
-Philip D.

Upon researching who to choose as my doctor for an upcoming tummy tuck, Dr. Dodde was recommended to me by a personal doctor friend of mine. Dr. Dodde was given nothing but the highest praise on every aspect. I was told to expect amazing care and results, from first consultation, to surgery and then throughout follow up office visits. After receiving such highly regarded compliments, I felt confident that I would receive exceptional results.During my initial consultation, Dr. Dodde proved his outstanding professionalism. Each and every question I had was answered with precise details and description as to what I may expect before, during and after surgery. He was patient and reassuring to my every concern or thought, never rushing through a conversation to head to the next patient. I always left our visits excited about the upcoming surgery.

The day of my surgery went exactly as described to me beforehand. I had the tummy tuck and liposuction procedure done first thing in the morning, waking up in recovering feeling surprisingly great. Following surgery, Dr. Dodde reassured my waiting family that everything went well and that I was feeling fine. The hospital staff all had gentle personalities, always making sure I was comfortable with any and all needs being met. Saturday morning Dr. Dodde came in to visit with me and see how I was feeling. He has a great bedside manner, which was much appreciated. The pain I was experiencing was controllable by the medication. Much to my surprise, the pain was far less excruciating than I had expected!! The hardest part was when I had to sneeze or cough, which remained true for several weeks! Upon being discharged Saturday afternoon, I felt well informed about my upcoming week with the drain tubes and expectations for the week before my check up with Dr Dodde just a few days later.

The immediate days following surgery I was feeling great. The most challenging part of my recovery was simply learning how to get myself upright after lying or sitting in a flat position! Pretty minimal complaints, considering the major surgery my body had just endured! It was a great moment during my first office check up a week as Dr. Dodde was removing some of the bandages. It was the first chance I’d had to really take a closer peek at my new flat tummy! It was a terrific sight! My first thought upon seeing the scar was total shock at how amazingly pencil thin and precise my incision was!! I had been previously worried about the severity of the scar, but upon seeing the results I knew I had definitely been well taken care of by one extremely talented, perfectionist! The scar was barely visible and perfect, much to my amazement.

During the remaining follow up visits, I was always treated really well and again all questions were answered thoroughly. My care was exceptional from beginning to end. It is a great comfort to know that should I ever decide to have (or need) another surgery, I have found the best of the best to do the job! I am extremely satisfied with my results, having a flat tummy and evenly matched hips and thighs from the liposuction.

Dr. Dodde definitely knows what a shapely figure should look like, as well as how to achieve the results. My results far exceeded my hopes and wishes for a great new figure!